Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Stuff has been going down! Like Christmas, it was four days ago! Crazy!

Speaking of which I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/other holidays people are celebrating and a Happy New Year. But New Year's hasn't happened yet so I'm not late on that front.

What has everyone been thinking about lately? Resolutions or otherwise, I'm curious.

I have lots of options for my resolution. Can you have more than one? I'm pretty sure there's not a limit for resolutions... Anyway, we'll see which ones make the cut.

As for you guys, if there is anyone, let me know what you're thinking about, feeling, how was your Christmas? I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Days

It has been snowing like crazy around here...for like one day. But there's still at least a foot of snow on the ground. Lots of fun.

And then today I found these!

Oh Calvin! <3

Happy Snow Day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


That's my thinking noise, pretty intelligent sounding I know.

So I've been wondering if I should start a Flickr account. At the moment I've just been uploading my pictures from my computer, but what if my computer gets depressed and kills itself? I'm pretty sure my pictures would be gone, unless it was nice enough to spit them onto an external hard drive before it offed itself.

I should get into the business of diagnosing computer depression, it's probably an untapped market.

Anyway, my dilemma is that when I post new pictures I have to post them in like 47 different spots, and by 47 I mean more like 3... Which is a lot for me! So Flickr would just be one more spot, but my computer might kick the bucket any day now...

I'll probably just do it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I know two posts in one day! Craziness! I'll try and stop blowing your mind later, but right now. I want to share this with you.

I was sitting here freezing, cursing the winter with it's cold white stuff that I've heard people call snow and severe lack of sunlight, stumbling (it's not always a bad thing) and found that.

And I have to say, after seeing that, I dislike winter a lot less. I could even say, when I can feel my toes, that I love it.

So Very, Very Jealous

Of all those lucky people who get to live in New York.

And of Ms. Peony who is planning a trip there as I type.

I can't complain to much because I did get to visit for a day the other weekend to see a show and it snowed. So I guess I'm pretty lucky in my own little way.

Monday, December 14, 2009

In love.


I was gonna post cool present ideas, but this is so much better. And it would be mean of me to make the presents you guys already bought feel inferior. Not very Christmas-like at all.

More beautifuls here.