Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I like to disappear for blocks of time. It makes me seem mysterious.

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Hylinn bought a motorcycle way back in June and has been riding it to work ever since he tried to get his brother to teach him how to ride, hit a curb and crashed it. It wasn't anything serious, a sprained wrist and a dented fuel tank. He's since taken a class, passed the test and actually gotten his license.

Last Thursday was the first time I rode with him and it is surreal. Riding in a car, to me, is like being in a bubble. For example, I drive my roommate back and forth to work almost everyday, but I've never actually been there, to all the road in between our apartment and the mall. I've never actually set foot on that stretch of land before in my life and still haven't, but riding a motorcycle down that same stretch of road cements everything in my mind. It takes all the pieces I've seen and only just noticed and affixes them there as touchable, real objects and actual space. Definitely not what I was expecting my first time riding.

I'm not gonna lie, it's scary the first time and probably for awhile after, but I'm not experienced enough to say.

Sounds like me and sex. Badum Chhh.*

*That's supposed to be the bad joke noise, my onomatopoeia skills are rusty.

- -- - -- - -- -

You can also smell everything, good and bad.

This is also like sex.

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