Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Found It

I'm going to let you in on a tiny secret about myself. I really really like fall, I won't say love because I'm not sure I'm that comfortable with our relationship yet. I really really like the colors, the chilliness, the smell, Halloween, the clothes, pumpkins; I really really like everything about fall, except that it's a precursor to the dreaded winter...

And here we are on the brink of it and of course I'm ogling all the fall clothes like a schoolgirl ogling textbooks.

That's what they ogle right?

So, in all the ogle I've been doing, I've found it! Finally, after years of searching and I mean years, it is here I've seen it and am ready to purchase it!

The perfect coat.


Right, right?

Perfect and it only took me 27 years to find.

*It's from the Land's End Canvas collection
- -- - -- - -- -

On a side note to this perfect coat rant nonsense.

Whenever I go to type in tags if the letters are from tags I've typed before it automatically pops up.

I can't get it to not auto fill in, the only solution I've come up with is to hit the space bar a bunch of times until it quits.


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