Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Better

After much love and affection, an organ replacement and electronic therapy, my computer lives!

Unfortunately I've gotten so used to using Hylinn's computer that despite the fact that my computer is glowing with healthy vibrance, I've been ignoring it for the stability I've associated with Hylinn's computer.

I'm sorry dear computer.

- -- - -- - -- -

I haven't forgotten! Here are some pictures of the dress I made.

Here's some of the fabric in the middle of being sewn together.

Here's a close up of my sweet ass stitching.

A footnote to this, when I get involved in a project I like I run with it. Thusly I almost completely forgot to take pictures as I did this. So it's hardly a step-by-step, but a rough idea of what I did to get to the place where I could wear all the fabric I brought home.

I'll have a picture tomorrow of me wearing the dress, as well as a picture of the shorts and hoodie I made.


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