Friday, October 29, 2010

Please, Don't Make Me Go Back

Hylinn asked me to go to the Halloween store in the mall to look for a piece for his Halloween costume. Normally it would be no big deal, in and out no time to browse, but I had no idea where the Halloween store was at our mall... Curse you mall gods!

The seasonal stores at our mall move around depending on which spaces are empty at the time, it also turns out that our mall ditches Halloween at least a week before it actually rolls around. I found no sign of a Halloween store, but I did find a Christmas store.

But this isn't about the severe lack of Halloween support shown by our mall, this is about my severe lack of willpower! Despite the fact that I didn't find a Halloween store I did leave the mall with stuff. I would have left with more if I didn't already feel guilty.

I would have left with this shirt.

So sparkly! And this sweater, I can never own enough sweaters.

Both from J.Crew for like a hundred billion dollars.

Please don't make me go back, I don't think I'll be as strong next time. It's bad enough I have the internet and can comprehend buying this everyday.

Or this.

Both from Free People, for 11 billion monies.
Curse you willpower!

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