Monday, October 11, 2010


We got home from Pennsylvania last night, it was an awesome weekend.

The wedding was so much fun. I love weddings. It's also nice to see more of Hylinn's family and straighten out who is who. I can never remember. True to form I forgot to tell Hylinn to take a picture of me so I'll have him do that tonight. I got a wicked scrap on my elbow...I'll have Hylinn take a picture of that too. I actually tried to take a picture of it and ended up getting a picture of my crotch instead. So I'll spare you and let someone else do the for reals picture taking around here.

I've been not so hot with the picture taking recently. Want to know why?! This is why:

The most bitchenest spider.

We actually drove up on him in the middle of him spinning his web. It was so sweet. So I took a million pictures of him or her. I can never tell with spiders. I'm going with him, he seemed pretty masculine.

I spent along time watching him and then even longer this morning trying to move him off Hylinn's motorcycle* and then watching him again climb up a tree I put him on. He was so cool.

*Good thing Laura doesn't read this or she'd know Hylinn has a motorcycle. Shhh!
- -- - -- - -- -

I think this post contained the first full paragraphs I've ever posted on here.

+10 points.

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