Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corn mazes and cupcakes

Corn mazes are amazing, I took some pictures, but they're on film so it'll be awhile.

No cupcake pictures either. I didn't even bother trying to take any. I don't know how others take pictures of the process of making food and they come out so beautifully. It makes cooking look...relaxing. Not to saw that cupcake making was a fiasco, just about everything came out great or at least it tasted delicious. But it was not pretty before, during or after, maybe before, but only maybe. It was only a test run though so hopefully, they'll come out better the day before the wedding. Though, the whole experience has made me rethink making our own cupcakes. We'll have a lot more people helping, but I'm not sure it'll make it less stressful. Has anyone made they're own cupcakes for they're wedding? Did you plan to but had an f* it moment at the end? We'll look into it, how about that for middle of the road!

Either way cupcakes are delicious!

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