Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updates from the Wedding Front

So we still haven't picked a wedding venue, but I'm not feeling the pressure...yet. All I really want is a field, but I of little connections know no one with one, so that is that for now. Speaking of venues I've seen so many beautiful, inexpensive places being featured on all these great blogs, which has led me to discover that I'm living in the wrong bay area! I'm on the east coast bay area(the Baltimore/Annapolis bay area in case there's more than one), not the west coast where I feel all the cool stuff is! Not that there aren't cool things here, there are, I'm just missing them I guess.

There's other details we've picked out and decided on, ones that I'm definitely more excited about working on, but those will have to wait until the big stuff has been sorted out. So I'm stuck being all excited about our wedding, but having nowhere to go.

Oh and I just realized that my first post has a different font size which surprised me. Maybe I'll keep doing that.

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