Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I'm having a dilemma, one that is leading to mini panic attacks now and then. And it's about favors...I know! I know! Favors, a minor detail one that many people just omit anyway, so why am I freaking out over it. I'll start from the beginning.

From the outset of the wedding planning thing that we're doing Hylinn and I wanted to make it green. Being conscious of our impact on the environment is something that's super important to both of us, so we wanted to make that a major deciding factor in all of our decisions. So being me I started with the details, naturally. Centerpieces to be more specific, I knew I wanted flowers, and I figured I could satisfy my flowery self and my green self all in one go by having potted flowers. I even found this awesome post at The Bride's Café. Woo! It was all coming together...until I had this conversation with myself:

Self: Potted plants=nifty idea
Other self: So true
Self: I can't wait to pick them out, I wonder how many we'll need?
Other self: Oh man, we're gonna have a lot of potted plants...
Self: Yea...I don't know if I can care for that many living things at once.
Other self: If only we could give!
Other self: Potted plants as centerpieces and as favors=super nifty!

Ok so here's my thing about favors...I like them, and I love them and I hate them. How's that for confusing! My detail loving mind likes them, it likes to stick things in adorably small boxes the color of the ocean and wrap them with ribbons and sequins the color of sea foam and then give them to people. My normal mind {we'll call it that for now} loves the idea of giving all of our guests, family and friends a small -meaningful- token of our wedding. My experienced mind hates them. I've only been a part of one wedding so far, my best friends'. It was very small and very inexpensive, but one thing they did have was favors, because she felt she was required to give favors, which I don't like the idea of.

Anyway here was an idea that I liked and loved, but then my reasoning mind had to butt in a mess everything up. What about all the people who flew in? You can't take plants on an airplane, can you? So what, they can't take the plants home. But what if people want a favor? What if some people really like the plants and want to take them home, but can't? -sad face- So now I'm stuck. I really love this idea, but I don't want to disappoint people by providing favors, but not allowing everyone to get one. Ack!

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