Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Practical Wedding

One of the first blogs I found at the beginning of my wedding planning search (which feels as if it started like three days ago) was A Practical Wedding. Meg has some super human ability to sense when people are feeling bad about planning a wedding on a budget and writes some amazing, inspiring post on why we shouldn't... at least it feels that way to me. So if for some unknown reason you've found my blog before hers go read it.
When I stumbled upon her blog she was at the tail end of her wedding planning and preparing for the big day, so I decided to go back and see where she started. Reading through her archives, I'm not finished yet, is really exciting and I love the the idea of having an archive all your thoughts and feelings through one of those big milestones in your life. And that is the reason I started this blog, partially to discuss wedding minutia with what seems like a incredibly supportive group of people, but mainly something I can look back on after the wedding is over. Even years after we've been married, heck I could even show my blog to my kids... that sounds weird. Anyway thank you Meg for inspiring me to write and to create an outlet for myself.

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