Monday, September 21, 2009

Ohh! Dresses!

Yep, I went wedding dress "scoping out" this weekend and it was lots of fun. My sister and a couple friends came along for the ride.snuck pictures(cause your not allowed to take pictures unless you're buying).commented.and made the experience incredibly enjoyable. I don't plan on buying a dress anytime soon simply because it'll take all I have to dance around the house in it everyday singing "pretty dress, pretty dress."

It's what happens when I get new clothes...

I do have to say it's nice to have the assistant person there to pin the dresses for you so they know how they're really going to look, but I don't really enjoy the hovering they do. It's nerve racking enough being in a place that's so foreign(I'm not much for dressing up), and then there's additional pressure of their presence. It's like a big elephant in the room that compels you to say nice things about the dresses.

All the dresses were gorgeous of course, not necessarily on me, but still gorgeous. I'll definitely be doing some more scoping in the future, but for now I know what I like and that more than I thought I'd ever figure out.

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