Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speaking of...

I can't tell you enough how much I love love love this idea from Peonies and Polaroids. It makes me all shivery just looking at it, it's so intimate. I want to do this for our wedding.

I have to say it's the small things like this, the things most people would probably never notice that get me. In fact I saw some of her gorgeous wedding pictures and never noticed her ring bracelet until I read her post about it... Nevertheless, I think it's those things that really make the wedding feel real to me. Not to say that the details are the most important thing (they aren't) or that you should spend all your time obsessing about the details (you shouldn't, that's something I need to remember to do), but that picking a few that matter to you and put your heart into them.

That's something I've been stressing over for the last couple weeks. I have this obsession with sewing things all of the sudden... I've never sewn in my life. So maybe I need to step back and re-evaluate exactly what projects I want to put my heart into and which we want to leave to the wedding elves!

This though is definitely something I want to do!!

And I can't remember where I found the above picture, though I'm 90% percent certain it's from either A Practical Wedding or Peonies and Polaroids, though I could be wrong so just let me know


  1. Picture is from me, though I got it from someone else...

    I was in the same boat as Ms. P&P (I should carry up the wring, I'm giving it away). I pined it to my bouquet. And dropped it when I unpinned it. It was wonderful.

  2. That is so fantastic! I'll have to think of some interesting way of carrying up the ring.

    And thanks you for the picture!